Balloon Sinuplasty

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon Sinuplasty in Irving, TXIf you suffer from chronic sinus headaches, you are all too familiar with the constant pressure and pain. No doubt you’ve tried over-the-counter treatments like medications and saline rinses, but your sinus problems only return. You need to discover balloon sinuplasty, the modern way to treat sinusitis. This minimally invasive treatment can work wonders to help clear inflammation and blockage in your sinuses. Dr. Zhou and Dr, Thomason, your ear, nose and throat specialists want you to know how balloon sinuplasty can help you feel better and clearer.

If you suffer from sinus problems, you are not alone. Sinusitis or inflammation of the sinuses affects 37 million Americans every year. Many people don’t get relief from conventional treatments, and balloon sinuplasty can help.

Dr. Zhou and Dr. Thomason want you to know you will benefit from balloon sinuplasty treatment if you suffer from:

  • Chronic sinus or nasal problems
  • Recurrent sinus infections not relieved by medication
  • Headaches and pressure around your eyes
  • Stuffiness and difficulty breathing through your nose
  • Chronic bad taste in your mouth or bad breath

About Sinuplasty

Balloon sinus dilation, also known as sinuplasty, is an exciting new treatment to relieve chronic or recurrent sinus infections. Sinus infections are caused by inflammation in the lining of the sinus cavities. Sinuses are large air-filled spaces that are lined with a mucus membrane lining. This mucus membrane continually produces a thin sheet of moist mucus that is swept across the surface and out of the natural sinus openings. The problem with our anatomy is that these openings are naturally very narrow spaces--about like a pin-hole for most people. Swelling of the mucus membranes from allergies or viruses causes these natural openings to swell shut. Then the affected sinus cavity cannot naturally empty the mucus layer. The mucus collects and there is bacterial overgrowth that causes infection and illness.

Sinuplasty helps with sinus infections because the natural opening to the sinus can be dilated to allow for adequate drainage. When there is adequate drainage, the sinus inflammation will settle down and sinusitis symptoms are relieved.

Step 1

balloon sinuplasty step 1 diagram

First a tiny wire catheter is inserted in the natural opening of the inflamed sinus.

Step 2

balloon sinuplasty step 2 diagram

Next, a small cylindrical balloon is passed over the wire into the narrow opening of the sinus.

Step 3

balloon sinuplasty step 3 diagram

The infected secretions in the diseased sinus are flushed out and suctioned.

Step 4

balloon sinuplasty step 4 diagram

The catheter is removed, leaving behind a widely dilated sinus opening. No packing is used afterwards.


Sinuplasty Video Tutorial


Sinuplasty FAQs

Is balloon sinus dilation (sinuplasty) covered by insurance?
Yes....the majority of major insurance plans cover sinuplasty for appropriately selected patients.  Medicare and Medicare replacement plans also cover sinuplasty. Deductibles and co-pays or co-insurance may apply.  There are a few plans that do not cover sinuplasty.  We will verify coverage prior to any procedures.

Is the procedure painful?
We use a combination of light sedation and topical anesthesia to make the procedure as painless as possible.  Most patients have very little pain during or after the procedure.  Over-the-counter pain medication is recommended during the first several days if there is any sinus pain or pressure.  Prescription pain medication is rarely required but we will provide it if needed.

What is the recovery time?
Patients can return to light duty activities the following day.  There is no visible bruising or swelling.  There may be blood-tinged mucus drainage for several days following the procedure.  Nasal congestion may not improved during the first week due to post-procedure swelling.  Most patients, however, have improvement in all of their sinus symptoms in the first few weeks.

How long does the beneficial effect of the procedure last?
We do not have 10 year or 20 year follow-up data because the procedure is relatively new.  However, we do know that the beneficial effect lasts 2 years based on clinical studies.

If you suffer from chronic sinus problems, it’s time for you to get some permanent relief with balloon sinuplasty. You can breathe freely again, and live without headaches and pressure. Make your life better and clearer by calling Metroplex ENT & Allergy, your ENT doctor in Irving, TX to serve your needs.

Do you think you could benefit from balloon sinuplasty?
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