CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure.  It refers to a medical device that is worn over the nose or mouth and connected with tubing to a small machine.  The machine delivers a certain amount of positive air pressure to assist breathing during sleep.

CPAP has been the mainstay of treatment for obstructive sleep apnea for many years.  Its benefits are well-documented in the medical literature.  There is little to no risk involved in using CPAP.  It reverses the ill-effects of obstructive sleep apnea immediately when worn appropriately.

The problem with CPAP is that it is cumbersome and not always comfortable.  In fact, studies show that upwards of 50% of patients who are prescribed CPAP are not able to use it.  We encourage most patients to try using CPAP before undergoing a procedure but we are well aware of the fact that CPAP is just not going to work for everyone.

We typically prescribe CPAP using an auto-PAP device.  With this technology, the machine finds the optimal pressure setting for each patient.  Therefore, once sleep apnea is diagnosed, patients can move directly to treatment.


Most insurance plans have benefits that cover CPAP therapy.  Indication for coverage include anyone with moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnea.  Mild apnea is also covered if associated with symptoms such as daytime sleepiness or medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or mood disorders.  We fill out an order form for CPAP and patients then take this to any medical supply store.  The medical supply store will verify insurance benefits for the CPAP machine.

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