Home Sleep Studies

Home sleep studies make the diagnosis of sleep apnea much more convenient and affordable than spending the night in a sleep laboratory, away from the comfort of your own bed. It provides a more realistic picture of how you are actually sleeping in your own environment. Patients check out the device from our office in the afternoon and take it home. It is worn on the wrist and has two probes on the fingers to measure oxygen and blood pressure. It is activated when you lie down to sleep and records information all night. You bring it in to the office the next day and the data is collected and interpreted at the time of your follow-up consultation that day.


Insurance covers home sleep studies in most situations. Deductibles or co-payments may apply as a specific plan dictates. Home sleep studies are considerably cheaper than laboratory based studies. They are also more representative of your actual sleep patterns. Our cash price for patients without insurance coverage is $250.

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