Turbinate Treatment

turbinate treatment

Radiofrequency Ablation for Nasal Congestion

The nasal turbinates are shelf-like structures in the nasal cavity.  They act as a type of air foil system that warms and humidifies inspired air.  The turbinates swell as a response to inflammation and when they do it causes congestion and stuffiness.  The swelling can be due to allergies, infections from viruses or bacteria, or other causes.

Turbinate treatment reduces the amount of tissue on the front part of the lower turbinate, which is the most critical part affecting the airway.

This simple office-based procedure is performed with topical and local anesthesia.  It is completely painless and takes just a few minutes to create a lasting improvement in nasal breathing.  We use a technique called radiofrequency ablation to precisely treat the turbinates.


CT scan showing mild to moderate swelling of the turbinate.

CT scan showing mild to moderate swelling of the turbinate.

severe swelling of the nasal cavity

This example shows severe swelling on one side.



This video shows an example of turbinate ablation.

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